September ended with hurricane Isabel.  October brought additional losses. Everything seemed to be getting better and then I discovered that my honey bees were all dead.
October 4th, 2003
Isabe Hive
Empty Hive Ricky first told me that he noticed something wrong with my hive.  I didn't really think about it again until Julie also mentioned it.  Then I went and this is what I saw.  Piles of dead bees.  What could have happened?
Hive Entrance
Gentle Stream
Clean Entrance
Bottom Board
It looks to me like they starved. There wasn't a drop of honey anywhere and yet it had been a great season. I thought that the hove needed more frames.
Looking Thru Frames
Vernal Stream

Hivce Cover
The hive was clean. No sign of wax moths yet. No sign of disentary.  No sign of a queen. Where did the honey go?  The few bees that remain are moving so slowly and fall off the frames as if they were drumk.
Heads Burried

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