updated 7/18/2008 New Shipment of Bees 2008 ww.munroe.ws
Chesterfield Post Office Dock
Dumping bees into hive
In April 2008 I ordered 3 pounds of hybrid honeybees and one queen from Queen Right Colonies, Ltd. of Spensor, Ohio.  This year the cost of bees went up a lot. This shipment cost about ninety-five dollars. They were shipped on Tuesday May 6th after many weeks of bad weather. They arrived at 3:00 pm on Wednesday May 7th with only a couple of dead bees. It is not
 uncommon to have a one inch layer of dead bees upon arrival.  The post office calls to ask if you want to come and get your bees or have them delivered. I went and got them and here is the process of installing them.
Getting the last bees to go in hive
Bees waiting for pickup
The bees are now in the hive 
Bees safely on back seat of car
New two story hive is their home

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