Before I was born, my parents lived on South College Avenue at the south end of town near the railroad tracks. They lived
also on Main Street near Tyre Avenue before buying a house on Elkton Road at the corner of Barksdale. The house is just across
the street from the Seven Eleven store today. That is where they lived when I was born in February of 1953. Around 1957 they
moved to the house at 149 South College Avenue on the corner or Amstel Avenue. The house still stands across from Mitchell
Hall on the University of Delawere campus and next to the KA fraternity house where I spent a lot of time as a young boy. We
later moved around 1970 to 215 Cheltenham Road in Oaklands which is where my parents were living when I married in 1979.

I had grown up in Newark, Delaware only leaving breifly for college in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  Around 1979 after marrying,
we bought a house at 307 Ashley Road in Newark, Delaware. In 1984 just before the birth of our first child we moved to Easton,
Pennsylvania. We lived in a rented house at 630 Washington Street within walking distance of the center of Easton and the
of the Delaware and  Lehigh Rivers. In 1988 we sold our home in Newark and left Easton for Lakeville, Massachusetts
where we
bought a house at 15 Apple House Road. We live there until 1995 when we moved to 307 Carlow Road in Chesterfield,
just outside of the City of Richmond just a few tens of feet from the bed of the old Bright Hope railroad line.

Old home on Carlow Road    My garage on Carlow Road

Sometime after we moved to Chesterfield,  I built a climbing structure for my three boys with the help of Pat Wisniewski
who came down to lend a hand.  I am now in the process of moving it to a friend of our neighbor's who has a young
who really wants a tree house  Once again, I have
been consulting
with Pat every step of the way.

We didn't get much snow in Virginia but when it did snow it was beautiful. The pictures below show what it looked like
sometimes. When we moved in, the garage had no electricity nor did it have any storage space above. It had been built
by the previous owner. It only had ceiling joists for every third rafters and the the ceiling joists were Twelve foot long, 2" x 8"
scarfed together to span the 20 feet from side to side with no center support. They sagged about 12 inches in the center
and if we ever had a lot of snow, the room might have just unfolded flat. Now that would make a large deck surface.

Snowy backyard      Front driveway in snow

Our neighbors next door are Sue and Sheila. Before that Rose and Richard Kellogg lived in the same house. Aross the street live
John and Aileen.

Sue and Sheila's home    John and Aileen's home across the street

My garage had a large bench in back and shelves and another bench to the right.
Workbench   White work bench

In 2003 I began to work at home and arranged an office in a corner of the living room. Bookshelves lined the room.

My old home office      Lots of files and books

As I am moving out there are many boooks remaining in this room to be moved although I have moved my office cubical itself.

Books left to be moved.       .Even more books to be moved.

Earlier this year, I moved to Elk Mills, sharing a house with a friend who I worked for about six weeks back around 1976.
I am renting a room and part of the basement from him now. I am glad to be back in Newark where I had so many good
childhood memories. The pictures below are of my move.

View of Bruce's house from driveway.     Right side view

I have made three trips each time pulling a trailer load of my possessions. It is hard moving the contents of a house into one bedroom.
Trailer back    The second trailer load of possessions.  

My bedroom is getting very full with all my stuff from my larger bedroom on Carlow Road as well as things from the great room
and the the bookshelves behind my office cubical.  The kitchen is nice except that the stove is crammed in a corner. I shopped
today and I cannot fit all my stuff into one shelf in one of the cupboards.  These two bedroom windows look southwest.

My new bedroom    The new kitchen

Since I moved in, Bruce has been hard at work renovating the bathroom. It is getting finished. He has put in a new floor replaced
an entire wall, moving it to make it a nicer room and he has installed new plumbing fixtures and installed a tub surround. He
is now working on the skylight and the window trim.

Bruce has sink in place    New tub surround and faucets

This is the living room. The window look southwest. The house is a split level with the entrance down a half flight of
stairs. The side wall of the starwell going up and down is a wall of mirrors.

Living Room    Mirrored entrance hall

My office is in the basement which has mostly bare brick walls which I like the looks of. Directly in front of me as I type
are two windows which face southwest. To my immediate left is a patio with sliding glass doors which faces southeast. My
bicycle is now waiting for me and a rural road is calling. Behind me is a set of lateral files and behind that is the wall with a
large woodstove set into a brick fireplace with a ten foot long mantel above.

New office space     I can now see my bike from my desk space.

The left hand image below shows the view from my bedroom window. The image to the right was taken standing in
the driveway and looking up Woody Lane to where it turns right towards Fletchwood Road. The Bruce's house is
out of the picture to the right and the camera is looking northwest.

Looking out my bedroom window    Standing in the driveway and looking up Woody Lane