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Date:    1/20/2003  9:32 PM
RE:    Humor
I hope I don't make a pest of myself sending you jokes, but I saw a
version of this & typed it in from memory.

 A man out on a solo balloon flight got lost above the clouds. Descending cautiously, he broke through the clouds to
see a woman standing below him. "Hey down there! Can you tell me where I am?" the man called.

The woman looked up surprised, then said, "You are about 30 feet above a public footpath in the basket of a hot air balloon.
You are about 39.7 degrees north latitude, and 75.8 degrees west  longitude.  I believe we are something like 200 feet above sea

 The man frowned, and said "Are you an engineer?" "Yes, why?" the woman replied. "Well, although I have no doubt that what you've told me is technically correct, it does nothing to solve my problem. I have to meet someone important in an hour, but after hearing your explanation of where I am I still don't know which way I should go. Talking with you has done nothing but waste part of my hour;
you've actually set me back."

"I see." said the woman. "You're a manager, aren't you?"      "Well, yes I am, but how did you know?"  "You've risen to great heights on hot air, but you don't  have a clue as to where you are. You've made a promise you don't  know how to keep, and you fully expect that problem to be solved for you by someone below you. Two minutes ago we hadn't met, and I had no possible responsibility for your situation; now, you're acting as if it's my fault."

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You can easily peg people by listening to them recount a hand: winners talk about how they played the cards they were dealt;
non-winners, about how they should have played the cards they were dealt; and losers, about the cards they should have been dealt.