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April 21, 2012 Spring Outing and Family Reunion
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John and Dorothy Munroe
John and Dorothy
J.A.M. 80th Birthday
Michael John Munroe at the Brandywine
Michael John Munroe
Michael J.Munroe 50th
wedding anniversary

Grandfather clock 607 W. 20th Street
Grandparents Clock

NewarkHigh Class
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Mike's Page

Dorothy Page
Levis Page
Idle Hour Club's shad roast on the Delaware River
Idle Hour Club Shad Roast
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Martin Munroe
Mary Brown
Frank Monroe
Maggie Munroe
Michael Munroe
Catherine Collins
Picture Pages
Mary Dettling
John A Muroe
Edward Spirer

Munroe History Picasa
Patrick Munroe a.k.a. Frank Monroe
Patrick Munroe
a.k.a. Frank Monroe

Michael John Munroe at Idle Hour shad roast
Michael John Munroe Shad Idle Hour Club
Idle Hour Shad Roast
Idle Hour Shad Roast
Family Trees
Family Tree 1874-2010

Change table for tree
1-page PDF Four Combined Munroe Family Trees
4-page PDF Four Combined Munroe Family Trees
Mary Dettling Family Tree of Mary Dettling's anticedents

Wilmington Map
residences 1879 - 1968

Munroe Scotland
Munroe History Blog
FamilyTreeDNA  munroe surname project
Spring Outing 4/26/08
Munroe-Levis Recipes

John A Munroe Books

Grandparents Clock Page
Michael J. Munroe Stories
Katherine Straub's Family
John A
                Munroe Hall
Munro Hall dedication
50th Wedding Anniversary in Newark
Michael J. and Mary D.
3209 N. Market Street, Harry Hurff
3029 N. Market Street
Burrial receipt for Martin Munroe.
Receipt for the burrial of Martin Munroe in 1910

John A. Munroe 4 years old on 303 Market
John A. Munroe