Memoirs and Recordings  John A. Munroe  updated  5 August 07

John A. Munroe - Retirement Speech mp3 1982
JAM Answers the phone mp3 2006
Talks with his father and son mp3 Feb 11, 1969

2000 Birthday Poem for Dot
2001 Birthday Poem for Dot
2003 Birthday Poem for Dot
2004 Birthday Poem for Dot
2004 Dorothy for President Poem
2005 Birthday Poem for Dot
2000 55th Anniversary Poem for Dot
2005 60th Anniversary Poem for Dot
2006 61st Anniversary Poem for Dot

Dating Dorothy  (9 pages)
Tales of My Father  (35 pages)
Dettlings In My Past  (56 pages)
Munroes of Galway and Delaware  (25 pages)
Arden As I Knew It  (4 pages)
Three Chapters from "The Philadelawareans"  (27 pages)
Books Maps School and George Thorogood  (4 pages)
Letter to Kevin Michael Mooney regarding Bishop of Tuam
(1 page)

Walter McEvilly
Walter Kirchner
Richard McCormick

Set of all ten histories and biographical sketches  (165 pages)
{allows searching entire body of work}

J.A.M. Advice and Sayings
"A good 45 minute speech will be 30 minutes long." (paraphrased)
"Always stop writing at a point where you know exactly what you want to say next."
"Waste Not, Want Not"  - favorite old saying
"Self Praise Stinks" - favorite German phrase