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To know Delaware, read Dr. John Munroe


Some people are born with a passion to teach. They want to show young minds how to explore the world around them. Others are born with a burning desire to uncover the secrets of the past. They want to find out how our ancestors lived their lives and why they acted as they did.

Combine this passion and desire and you have the makings of a great history teacher. Mix in a love of Delaware and its people, and you have John A. Munroe.

Dr. Munroe died this week at age 92. Besides a loving family, he left behind the fruits of his teaching and his desire to uncover the past. They can be found in the countless students who took his history courses at the University of Delaware.

If you want to understand what made Delaware the state it is, you have no choice but to read Dr. Munroe's books. From a history of Colonial Delaware to a history of his beloved university, Dr. Munroe conveyed to readers not only a sure grasp of the facts, but a feeling for the men and women whose stories he told.

John Munroe displayed this passion to teach and this desire to know in his conversations as well. He seemed to recognize this. In one of his last published works, he provided a note that summed up his public life: "I was very happy to be a history professor. It seemed the best job in the world for me."

It truly was.

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