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John A. Munroe  Photographic History 1914 to 1949

John A. Munroe grew up in Wilmington, Delaware.
Born on March 15, 1914 he was the only son of Michael John Munroe and
Mary Dettling Munroe. Not only an only child, he was the only child in his mother's
family. He grew up with four doting aunts. Below is John at a young age in his now
famous "sailor suit" photo.

John in Sailor Suit   Informal Sitting

The note on the picture above and to the right, reads" Miss Dettling
507 W 22nd St. Refitting informal. Call Tues." At the time they lived
at 607 W 20th Street so more than the picture needed refitting.

The image below is in a Royal Studio, Wilmington jacket. The pencil inscription on
the jacket says Mrs. M. Munroe 3031 Market Street, Wilmington, DE. This was the
address of a house built or owned by Harry Hurff.
John A. Munroe - Royal Studio Portrait.

On the left is a picture of Michael John Munroe down on the shore of the Brandywine River. 
To the right is a picture of John A. Munroe at the age of 4 years old with his toy rifle in a tent
set up in his parent's backyard.

Michael John Munroe at Brandywine RiverJAM 4 years old in tent

John Andrew Munroe attended Wilmington High School
in Wilmington, Delaware.

In 1932 John Andrew graduated from Wilmington High school. This is his graduation
photo. He did not attend his graduation because he was hospitalized at that time for
a bleeding disease that required periodic hospitalizations and transfusions until his late
twenties when, as is typical with Henoch-Schonlein purpura, the conditioned
dissappeared after adolescense.
1932 High School Graduation  Wilmington High School Class of 1932

The picture below is labeled May 1932 and may have been taken at the same sitting
as the other high school graduation photo.

1932 JAM without cap or gown

Here is a picture of John A. Munroe when he was a young teacher at Newark
High School on Academy Street in Newark, Delaware. John was teaching English
while completing the requirements for his masters degree.
Newark High School English
Below is a view of the outside of Newark High School where John first
had his own class to teach.
Newark High School

When the two twin graduate students arrived on the University campus,
John and  Dick began dating the coeds.

Twins ready for graduate school   Katch and Dorothy in fancy dresses

Here is the main campus of the University of Delaware.
University of Delaware   Looking North

Below is a picture of John and Dorothy on the beach in Nantucket  on their
Honeymoon in 1945. To the right is a picture of Dorothy on a bicycle on her honeymoon.

Nantucket Beach   Dot on bicycle in Natucket on honeymoon

John during his honeymoon.     

On the left is John. One of the few pictures of him when he still smoked.
This is on his honeymoon. Below is a picture showing the two engaged couples.

      Bathing beauty

The two engaged couples. 
The two engaged couples posing during their wedding rehearsals.
John and Dorothy were the first couple to say their vows.

The new married couple and her parents.

Around 1948 John posed with his doctoral advisor Roy F. Nichols of the University of
Pennsylvania and Robert Lynd in front ot the columns at Old College on the University
of Delaware Campus. Left to right below, Robert Lynd, John Munroe, Roy Nichols.

Robert Lynd, Roy F. Nichols, John A. Munroe

In 1949 John Munroe addressed a midwinter banquet at the University and this picture (below)
appeared on the cover of the Spring edition of the University's Alumni Newsletter. 

Alumni Newsletter 1949
   John A. Munroe
    3/15/1914 to  9/6/2006

Obituary - Wednesday September 6th
Complete List of Works
Dedication of Munroe Hall