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Obituary - Wednesday September 6th
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Dedication of Munroe Hall
John A. Munroe  Photographic History 1990 to Present

          Judges and State Legislators 1997

On June 10th of 1997 John Munroe addressed the Delaware legislature, the current
and former governors as well as other dignitaries on the  centennial of the ratification of
the present state constitution in 1897. The previous state constitution had been ratified in 1831.
June 10 1997 Delaware Centenial

 In 1997 the University of Delaware converted a number of brick homes on Delaware Avenue
into office space by connecting them in  in the back to a central building which housed lecture rooms
for the departments of history and anthropology. On November 2 of that year,  this new building was
dedicated and became "Munroe Hall." Click on the image below to visit a page about the dedication.

Munroe Hall

Sometime around 2003, Julie and Michael returned to Lakeville with John and Dorothy to
visit our good friends the Scotts. Dick and Janet Scott, are loyal Delawarians who benefited
by taking Delaware History at the University of Delaware.

JAM, DLM and the Scotts      John and Dorothy
On Dad's 80th birthday, we all were together in Newark, Delaware.
We had a  big party with cake and ice cream in a nearby restaurant.

Dad 80th birthday    JAM
At Dad's 80th birthday celebration it was a good time for lots of old friends to visit.

Dad and birthday cake      Katch and Dot
Above,  Mom and Aunt Katch model the new cabinets in the
kitchen on 215 Cheltenham Road in Newark, Delaware.

Dad's 90th birthday at home in Newark

On dad's 90th birthday, we all got together in the living room on Cheltenham Road in
Newark, Delaware. In July 2005, the Munroes and McCormicks got together in Yarmouth
to celebrate the 60th wedding anniversary of both couples. There were speeches and new
stories never before heard. Some stories were even disputed by the various participants.

Uncle Dick telling how it was. 

Celebration 60th anniversary   

 Four Musketeers
This is only part of the group that got together for the 60th
wedding anniversary celebration on Cape Cod.

60th anniversary in Yarmouth

Below - In July of 2006 John and Dorothy went out to lunch at the Waterfront Restaurant on
Mattakeese Wharf with three good friends. (rear- left to right: Hank, Bryan, Dot)
(front- left to right:  Avis, John)
Bryan, Hank, Avis, John and Dorothy

   John A. Munroe
    3/15/1914 to  9/6/2006

Obituary - Wednesday September 6th
Complete List of Works
Dedication of Munroe Hall