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John A. Munroe  Photographic History 1950 to 1989

This picture was taken around 1951 and shows John with Stephen and Carol.

Carol, Stephen and Dad

On Sunday January 24, 1954 the Wilmington Sunday Star Magazine ran a profile of
John Munroe under the headline, "Affable Historian." That remained an apt description his entire life.
Affable Historian 1954

The picture below, to the right, shows John with his wife, father and Stephen and Carol
standing in the front yard of Tommy Massy's house at 605 West 20th Street, Wilmington.
His parents lived at 607 West 20th for many years.
    605 West 20th Street Wilmington DE

John and his first son, Stephen on the beach.The picture to the left is John Munroe and his oldest son, Stephen, 
probably on either Cape Cod or possibly the Delaware shore
on a trip that included, a close family friend, Camilla Day.

Dot in Colorado on horseback.
In 1960, the entire family except John was on horseback in Colorado. The "posse Munroe" traveled mostly by Buick.
The trip in 1960 also included a summer semester on the campus of the University of Wisconsin. They traveled in a Buick
that Dorothy's father picked out for them. The couple always had a good used car as long as Alfred Levis worked at
Brooks Price in Baltimore.

The entire family on horseback. The family traveled by Buick.

148 Sough College AvenueAround 1956 John, Dorothy, Stephen, Carol and Michael
moved to 148 South College Avenue where they lived until
1971. On Amstel behind them was the KA fraternity house.

Michael John Munroe

Stephen and Carol     Carol next to the hedge     Carol older
Around 1962, we got Pip, a puppy from Coy Purcell's family pet. The picture below was
taken at Alfred and Irene Levis's retirement home on Kent Island on Maryland's Eastern
shore. Alfred and Irene lived there until Irene's health  brought them to a new house on
Ferncliff Drive in Windy Hills just outside of Newark, Delaware.

John Munroe and Pip on Crab Alley Creek on Kent Island.   On South College Ave the KA Fraternity
In November of 1962 Mary Dettling Munroe and Michael John Munroe celebrated
their 50th  wedding anniversary in the living room of their son's house at 148 South
College Avenue in Newark, Delaware. They had good reason to be proud of their
life and their son and his growing family.

Mary Dettling and Michael John 50th Anniversary

Sometime in the early 1980s this group came together probably for bridge and socializing.
(Back row L to R) Walter and Peg McEvilly, Basil and Ethyl Sourochnikoff,  Jo Westrom, John Munroe Earl Krapff
(Font row L to R) Muriel Mitchell (just out of view) Sam Mitchell, Doris and Frank Nichols, Dorothy Munroe, Fran Krapff

1980s McEvilly, Mitchells, Westroms, Krapffs, Nichols join Dot and John

In 1983 Peg McEvilly, Doris Nichols, Dot and John took a trip to see Alaska on the SS Rotterdam.
In the picture to the right, you can see the ice on the shore behind Dot and Peg McEvilly.

SS Rotterdam 1983  Alaska SS Rotterdam

As the children grew there were repeated trips first to the Cape and later to
Rincon, Puerto Rico.  John Munroe was happiest when his family was near.

JAM and JKC     John A Munroe in Harwich

In 1984 a permanent house at 7 Ruth Lane in Harwich, MA on Cape
Cod became a natural focus point for summer vacations.

7 Ruth Lane, Harwich, MA

        Dad using walker  
In January of 1989 John and Dorothy began a tradition of bringing the entire family to the town of Rincon on the
western shore of Puerto Rico. This picture was taken the first year and is before their youngest grandchild, Doug, was born.

January 1989 El Coqui Rincon Puerto Rico

   John A. Munroe
    3/15/1914 to  9/6/2006

Obituary - Wednesday September 6th
Complete List of Works
Dedication of Munroe Hall