3031 and 3032 N. Market Street built by Harry Hurff
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Michael John and Mary Detling Munroe Decendants
Family Tree        
Munroe on Google Picasa

Mary and Michael John Munroe's 50th Wedding anniversary

3031 and 3032 N. Market

Michael and Mary's 50th anniversary

Arial view showing original roof line of 3031 N. Market
Michael John was volunteer fireman
607 W. 20th Street where Michael John and Mary lived out their lives
Michael J, John Michael, Andy, Katie, Stephen, Francis, Mary
Wannamakers where Grandad would walk me

Arial showing original roof line when it was a duplex. (theory)
Liberty Company New Castle Ave. and A Street
607 W. 20th Street Wilmington
Including Katie, Francis, Emil
Wannamakers Building

Details showing Michael John at Idle Hour Club Shad Roast
A young Michael John Munroe looking like John Andrew
John A at age of 4 years
Michael John on rocks at Brandywine Park
Michael John with Willis Monroe Frank Richter and Bob Monroe
John and Dorothy Munroe at 80th birthday

Idle Hour Club Detail
Detail showing Michael John
John A. at age of 4 years
Michael John Brandywine Park
 MJM with FR, BM, WM 1950
John and Dorothy at 8th birthday

Shad roast on the Delaware River
Michael John was invited to the Idle Hour Club shad roast on the Delaware River
Carol and Michael Munroe in 1955 at 607 W. 20th St. Where Grandad would take me on Monkey Hill
148 South College Avenue, Newark
JAM's many books about Delaware

Idle Hour Club on Delaware R.
Shad roast - Idle Hour club
Michael and Carol at 607 W 20th
Bench on Monkey Hill
148 S. College Ave. Newark
JAM wrote about Delaware