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Margaret (Maggie) Munro Cordone 4/22/1877 to  5/4/1911

A year ago, we had no idea where Maggie was buried or when she died. We didn't know if she married or where she lived.

Still today little is known about Maggie Cordone. However, we do know the answers to the questions above.

Margaret (Maggie) Munroe was the fourth of eight children of Martin and Bridgett Munroe. Maggie was their first child born in America and the older sister of my paternal Grandfather, Michael John Munroe. By the time of the 1900 census, Maggie is no longer listed as being in the Munroe household. Only Martin, William, Michael and Sarah are listed.

Maggie is now believed to have been the wife of Joseph Cordone. A Maggie and Joseph Cordone last appeared on the 1910 federal census and reported having been married for seven years which would place their marriage around 1903.

Burial records now tell us that Maggie died in Philadelphia of tuberculosis at the age of  34 only a year after the death of Martin Munroe in Wilmington, Delaware. She reported no children at the time of the 1910 federal census and Joseph Cordone reported being from New York. Her funeral was at the old Church of the Assumption in Philadelphia (13th and Spring Garden Streets)  and she was buried in Cathedral Cemetery in Wilmington, Delaware.

Nothing is known about the parents or siblings of Joseph Cordone, his birthplace or where he was buried. Maggie seems to have been estranged from her own family. John A. Munroe reports in his book, "Munroes of Galway and Delaware", that Maggie was never mentioned within his hearing by his father or his aunts or uncles. The reason for her estrangement was attributed to her husband's national origin or possibly his religion.

The information that is known about the life of Maggie Cordone was researched by Sheila Swierczewski a third generation descendant of Martin and Bridget Munroe.  A bit more can be read at:
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